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Farmers are using too much pesticide-coated seed, which has been found to be harming nature

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Spring planting season for crops begins in southern states and moves north. As farmers plant their seeds, they spray huge amounts of pesticides into the air without using any at all. Almost every field corn seed planted this year in the United States will be coated with neonicotinoids, the most widely used class of insecticides in the world. So will seeds for about half of U.S. soybeans and nearly all cotton, along with other crops. By my estimate, based on acres planted in 2021, neonicotinoids will be deployed across at least 150 million acres of cropland – an area about the size of Texas. Insecticide neonicotinoid compounds are extremely powerful pesticides, killing pests at concentrations that are usually just a few parts per million (ppm). They’re considered to be relatively safe for humans compared to older pesticide chemicals, but they may pose some risks to birds and fish. Over the last ten years, scientists and conservationists have pointed out that neonics are harming bees. They’ve also claimed that these pesticides harm other wildlife, too, such as birds that eat the coated seed. Don’t let yourself be misled. Understand issues with help from experts To address these concerns, several states have passed laws restricting the use… Read More »Farmers are using too much pesticide-coated seed, which has been found to be harming nature

Corteva Agrisure to develop new ways to control insect infestations in rice crops

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The coating on seeds through seeded-applied technologies prevent pests from attacking them by providing an inherent immunity against pests and pathogens. US-based agricultural biotechnology company Corteva Agrisciences has announced plans to introduce its new insecticide-free corn seeds to farmers in India. According to an official at a company, seeds of conventional and genetically modified (GM) rice varieties are treated with Cortevas’s molecules, which provide inbuilt immunity to various pests and diseases. The coatings on the seeds through application technology prevent pests’ attacks because of inbuilt immunity to the pests and diseases. “The field trials in Telangana of the technology have shown significant reduction in pesticides and fungicides application by the farmers during the vegetative stage of the paddy crop,” said Prasant Patra, regional commercialisation & business lead of Corteva Agriscience. Patra said that apart from reducing pesticide use by 50%, the farmers get higher crop yield in the range of 5 to 6%. It has applied for the patent for the technology. The company has recently launched its new product line in Thailand and plans to roll it out in Indonesia in a few weeks. After registering the product with the CIB, they plan to decide on the price of the solution. “We will demonstrate… Read More »Corteva Agrisure to develop new ways to control insect infestations in rice crops

Australia has adopted an active approach to biosecurity

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Globalized food production requires a heavy financial commitment in biosecure practices to avoid the spread and development of plant pests from imported crops. Many countries already check incoming plants for the absence of regulated diseases, however with varying standards. In Australia, studies conducted by Dr David Dall, from the Australian government department of agriculture, water and the environment, and Dr Fiona Constable, from Agriculture Victoria, show the presence and prevalence of disease in plant lots. The researchers have utilized these findings to assess the effectiveness of testing regimes, and to provide proof for investments in innovations in plant detection along international trade routes. Infectious diseases that have crossed borders are often viruses or bacterial infections that threaten human health, animal health, or plant health. They may also be able to contaminate foods. What is biosecurity? Biosecure means reducing the risk of disease spreading from one location to another. Some examples include hand hygiene, quarantine, and disinfection. Biosecure practices play an important role within the agriculture sector, especially when it comes to growing foods for human and animal consumption that are safe for people and animals alike. Globalisation has led to the development of new technologies and methods of production, meaning that it is no longer… Read More »Australia has adopted an active approach to biosecurity