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Corteva Agrisure to develop new ways to control insect infestations in rice crops

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The coating on seeds through seeded-applied technologies prevent pests from attacking them by providing an inherent immunity against pests and pathogens.

The company has introduced the technology in Thailand and will be soon rolling it out in Indonesia in the next couple of months.

US-based agricultural biotechnology company Corteva Agrisciences has announced plans to introduce its new insecticide-free corn seeds to farmers in India.

According to an official at a company, seeds of conventional and genetically modified (GM) rice varieties are treated with Cortevas’s molecules, which provide inbuilt immunity to various pests and diseases. The coatings on the seeds through application technology prevent pests’ attacks because of inbuilt immunity to the pests and diseases.

“The field trials in Telangana of the technology have shown significant reduction in pesticides and fungicides application by the farmers during the vegetative stage of the paddy crop,” said Prasant Patra, regional commercialisation & business lead of Corteva Agriscience.

Patra said that apart from reducing pesticide use by 50%, the farmers get higher crop yield in the range of 5 to 6%. It has applied for the patent for the technology.

The company has recently launched its new product line in Thailand and plans to roll it out in Indonesia in a few weeks. After registering the product with the CIB, they plan to decide on the price of the solution.

“We will demonstrate our new technology for farmers so that they can see its benefits,” says Raul Sawani, President of Corteva AgriScience. He was talking to a group of journalists from India during his visit to their research facility near Hyderabad.

The company plans to introduce new seeds for soybean and corn production in the country.

Farmers in the paddy growing regions of eastern India are affected by leaf folder and yellow stems pests. These pests cause significant damage to rice plants resulting in reduced yields.

But there are several reports of these pests in rice fields in Andhra Pradesh, Telengana and north India.

Corteva Agrisciences provides agricultural products and services. Its product lines include herbicides, fungicides and insecticides used in agriculture and forestry; and seed treatments used in seed production. The global agribusiness business unit markets its products globally through sales representatives, distributors and dealers. It is headquartered in Johnston, Iowa.

The total output of paddy fields in India has been estimated at 130 million tonnes for the current fiscal year, which may fall by six million tonnes due to poor rainfall during the last two months.